Friday, October 30, 2015

No handbrake

My husband keeps telling me I have no handbrake, be it food, sleep, art or whatnot... I guess you could add exercising, (or more precisely "walking") to that list. Not long ago, I tested myself to see if I could walk to the Geebung train station, and I did! This morning, I thought I'd try to see if I could reach the Virginia one... And I did! Ten kilometers later (that's over six miles for my American friends), I just wanna collapse into a heap in front of the t.v.

Why am I pushing so hard? I don't know, really... I just wanna see how far my little legs can take me. Rest assured that the next time I pull a similar stunt, I will be carrying a bottle of water AND my public transport card. It's one thing to walk X kilometers one way, it's another to do it again and head back home. I hope one day I can walk all the way to Nudgee Beach, but that will be a one-way trip. I'll most definitely need some sort of a lift to get back, or catch public transport.


  1. A bit of wisdom someone told me: Give yourself a break before you need a break. :)

    1. Don't worry... I'm taking this gradually, soulsis... And I do take breaks (such as yesterday). ;) There's no reason why Nudgee Beach isn't achievable... It's just a question of time, training and endurance. D and I are planing on climbing Mt. Warning in NSW some time next year. Now THAT is exceedingly demanding! My friend A did it years ago and she told us it's quite a hike, but the views are soooo worth it.


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