Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Pushing the limits

I've been umming-and-arring for a while over buying myself either a smart watch or a fitness monitor (such as a Fitbit or a Garmin wristband) to help me keep motivated and on my toes. Hubby finally came up with the tie-breaker. Even though my birthday is only in three weeks, he decided to go ahead and spoil me early and got me an Apple watch! This is one device I wasn't even considering, even though I have an iPhone and compatibility wouldn't have been a concern. The price was simply just too prohibitive for my pocket. I was seriously considering a Fitbit, but hubby was adamant a smart watch would be a better choice for me, and you know what... He was 100% right (don't you just hate that!? LOL!) A health monitor is just that... A monitor for your exercises and activity levels. A smart watch does so much more! It connects with your smart phone and (provided it is within Bluetooth range), it will check your mail, your messages, and even allow you to receive and make phone calls. I have the shameful habit of forgetting my phone upstairs while I work away in my shop or studio downstairs... Consequently, I'm always missing out on phone calls, SMS or emails that may be important to address ASAP. No more! :) I have no more excuses now that I have my smart watch strapped to my wrist.

Other lovely feature about my Apple watch; I've never been one that enjoys competing against others (I am a TERRIBLE sore loser!) but I love competing against myself, pushing my own limits and reaching for new goals. I love the Health and Workout apps on the watch; they remind me to get off my duff if I've been sitting for too long, or that I'm so many steps away from my 10,000 and to keep moving. Just a gentle nudge to keep me motivated. For me, it's more than a gentle nudge... It's a cattle prod that sets my butt on fire! I just wanna keep going, keep doing, and win more and more badges and awards. Yesterday, I totally killed the goal I had set for myself. Proud as punch! Hubby thinks the gloss will eventually fade away. Perhaps, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the challenges... And I am reaping the benefits, too! I have promised myself that by next winter, I will fit in those size nine jeans I bought a few years ago. Apple iWatch and the 5:2 diet... A combo that fits in with my lifestyle perfectly. I can see myself sustaining this for a lifetime quite comfortably.

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