Saturday, October 03, 2015

It's finished!

I finished a painting today. I've been dying to post it to my art blog, but the patrons that commissioned it occasionally drop by on my site for a visit and an update on the progress. I didn't want to spoil their surprise so I decided NOT to put up a photo of the final piece on my website until it has been handed over to them... But they don't know about my personal blog. So here it is, folks!

"A Dusky Drought"
acrylic on plywood panel
650mm X 400mm (25.5 X 15.5 inches)
This painting was inspired from photos I took on our 2014 Queensland outback adventure. We thought the drought situation was bad back then... It's worst than ever now, and it's about to get even more difficult. Inland QLD is in the midst of a bad El Nino effect and our farmers are suffering terribly. You can read all about it at the site below. Send some prayers for rain... Our farmers need it badly!


  1. Looks like I could reach out and touch those fuzzy, soft cow ears! Beautifully done - I know the patrons will be thrilled with it. :)


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