Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I got bored

Someone once said to me that I am a "young soul on its first incarnation". Not too sure if this was a compliment or an insult, but I figured they may have been referring to my naive views of life and insatiable curiosity. All my life, I've flitted like a butterfly, from one subject matter to the next, learning all I could, experiencing as much as I can; to put it bluntly, I get bored quickly, especially with repetitive matters.

hammer + chisel = injury
After two years of art studies and two years of trying to get my foot on the artistic scene, I've returned to my workshop and have been doing woodworking instead of focusing on drawing and painting. It's a phase, I know it will pass and I'll revert back to doing two-dimensional work (I can't help it, my ageing body and vision won't allow me to sustain this for any length of time.) A friend's birthday is coming up and I have made her a little... err... I'll keep quiet as she does occasionally visit my blog. ;) LOL!

Yesterday, I've cleaned out my shop and threw away a lot of rubbish (broken tools, wooden off-cuts, useless material, etc...) It's nice to be able to find things easily again, and walk around without bumping into something (usually sharp or scratchy). I had to throw out several old tree stumps that were given to me in the hopes of turning them into artwork. A few of them had split open in several places and were useless as carving material; others were mouldy beyond use due to being propped up against the external wall. Some of the timber was salvageable and I started making a Native American style flute out of it. It's been a while since I have and I'm surprised how bad my memory is (I can't remember how I use to make them). I haven't the foggiest clue what sort of wood it is that I'm using for this one, but it is extremely light and has a depth of resonance that puts cedar to shame! I can't wait to see and hear how this one turns out.


  1. I'd blame that muse that won't stop whispering in your ear! Sending you some Boo Boo Bunnies:

    1. Perhaps you should send me a muzzle along with those boo boo bunnies... That muse needs to shut up! LOL!


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