Monday, September 14, 2015

Resistance isn't futile

Since our return from Fiji, I have been playing "nurse" to my sick husband. The cold/flu virus that is currently in Australia is not a life-threatening one, but it is persistent and resilient; constantly mutating and re-attacking parts of the body (head congestion, throat, cough, lungs, then back to the head, throat, etc...) A few of my friends have also caught it and were in the wars for weeks! He's now lost his voice and is very congested in the lungs. He's had to postpone many jobs because of this, but the irony of it is that the clients fully understand because THEY are also fighting this stubborn lurgy! Fingers crossed I can keep dodging it... I just have too much to do at this stage to afford being sick.

EDITED: Heavens! I just noticed I passed the 1000 entries mark! This is entry #1008!


  1. Sending antiviral and antibacterial thoughts your way! :)
    Over a thousand - pretty good for an introvert. :D

    1. Thanks soulsis... We need PLENTY! It seems I wasn't able to keep this lurgy at bay... Started feeling sick last night, so now, I'm also stuck with this thing. :(
      To add insult to injury, the folks have given me the go-ahead for the commission, so I have to get cracking. ARGH!


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