Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goodbye Facebook

So, I have decided to get rid of my Facebook account. Smart move? Only time will tell. At this point in my life, I've been dealing with some distressing health issues and simply cannot handle the emotional drama that keeps unfolding on this social networking platform. A few friends understand my plight and are being supportive and understanding... Others have deleted their own account in response to this. Whether this is in support towards me or some silent form of protest is unknown as no words was said to me. I have been mulling this choice over and over in my head for quite some time now, contemplating how I was going to "break it gently" to my friends. For many of them, Facebook is their main way of keeping in contact and seeing me leave the fold may cause them to think I am breaking off my relationship with them.

Still... As delicate as I was (with a touch of humour to alleviate the shock), I managed to cause some emotional tantrums and ripples! This is the very thing that made me reassess my choice in participating in Facebook. Without body language and inflections, written words can easily be misinterpreted and misconstrued, leading people to jump to unfounded, emotionally tainted conclusion. Pardon my French but... I simply cannot handle this sort of shit at the moment. The recent traumas I experienced on FB have piled up and eventually caused a debilitating health issue to flare-up. Intuitively, I was never keen on FB and only joined after a few friends asked me to do so. The links below explain clearly what my gut feeling was trying to tell me. Nope! This is NOT for me. "Fakebook" left a very bitter taste in my mouth.


  1. As one who has never joined Facebook --I didn't think it would be good for me-- your decision to withdraw from it is understandable. However, from personal experience, I must warn you the severance will throw you into distinction. People would point at me in public places and whisper. Their dogs would growl. Children would gawk and say, "Mother, look! It's that man --that man who isn't on Facebook!" Happily though, this sort of behavior has let up lately, leading me to suspect others are distancing themselves from that social medium. It may well be that you can soon quit Facebook without any stigma at all. My best wishes and admiration.

    1. Thank you for your supportive feedback, Geo. :) Yes... I have already sensed the stigma of being a "Fakebook" pariah. Before I joined, I use to get squinting looks of askance; "You don't have a Facebook account? Ha! Why?" Now that I have left the fray, I am getting stares of disgust... As if I have defrocked from a religious order or something to that effect. But I am no stranger to the roads less trodden... I will manage the ostracism. ;)

  2. Hiya Faerysis,

    Totally support you in leaving Facebook. As you know I left it several years ago, I did lose some friends when I left, some were expected others were surprising, but it is all good �� .

    People are still trying to get me to join up again, have been tempted lately as I've lost contact with my niece who lives in Thailand, if I was on Facebook I'd be able to see how she is going, but after reading your post I'm going to go with my first instinct which is very much like yours, that is to stay away from Facebook. Hopefully Geo is right and more people are leaving, that will open up their communication in other ways, which would be a great thing.


    Ariel xoxo

    1. Thanks Faerysis. I think Faecebook (no... not a typo... intentional pun at work, here) has killed the art of conversation amongst people. As a business media tool, it's excellent for keeping followers informed about your products, upcoming events, etc... But as a social media system, it simply doesn't work (in my honest opinion.)


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