Thursday, July 02, 2015

New record!

A new personal record for me... 7.37km walk in 81 minutes. Average speed 5.4km/hour. That's my 10000 steps for the day! I'm tired but extremely happy! It feels good to shake out the cobwebs of negativity that have recently crept up in my life and get back into healthy habits once more.

I love walking! I've inherited this from my dad. For many, many years, I still remember him going for hour long walks after dinner... Every day! Sometimes, I'd tag along with him. I had to learn to keep up, which is probably why I walk so bloody fast all the time. When he shattered his ankle and had four surgical pins put in it, that's when he became more sedentary and his health went downhill. "Grouille ou tu rouilles!" He always says to me... That means "move or you'll rust."

A Chinese doctor once said to me that the only two exercises that are necessary to keep fit and in shape are push-ups and walking: walking strengthens and tones the legs, butt, lower back and abs, whereas push-ups (real ones, on tippy-toes) will keep your arms, shoulders, chest, upper and lower back as well as your abs fit. No need for fancy machines or torture devices anymore... I just go Waltzing Mathilda around our neighbourhood and include a few sessions of "floor-kissing" per week... Keeps me fit, healthy and happy. :)

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