Friday, July 10, 2015

It's bloody cold!

Australia is in the middle of a cold snap, right now. Antarctic winds are pushing up from the south and many states are going to get some snow or at least, frost or sleet! Somehow, I'm not surprise by this, since we always get a carbon copy of what the northern hemisphere gets. The nights are in the single digits now, and the days rarely get above 20C.

I thought today was a great opportunity to make some homemade chicken soup for tonight's dinner. It may look like "The Cauldron of Death", but right now, the house smells absolutely heavenly. That should warm us right up! It costs so little to make too. When we buy chickens, we chop off the breasts, wings and thighs for other recipes, but we don't throw away the carcasses. I keep them frozen until I have enough to make some stock (5 or 6). I toss them in a pot with veggies, and 8 hours later, voilà; homemade chicken stock which will be used for soups, stews and other recipes. A six dollar chooks will yield up to three meals. Yup... Penny-pinching is an art form in our house! LOL!


  1. It if weren't so blasted hot and humid here, I be tempted to pop over for a bowlful. :)

    1. I made plenty, soulsis... You're more than welcome to join us! :)
      It's our turn to suffer from an icy vortex effect. D and I are fine (we have thermal clothes we can wear and plenty of clothes and blankets to rug up in) but I'm worried about my two munchkins. If they weren't so feral with each other and could stand cuddling and sleeping together, I'd feel more reassured, but even if it's subzero, they'll refuse to do so. Silly girls!


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