Thursday, July 02, 2015

First reading

I finally found a few minutes in my day today to sit down and have a play with my new Celtic Lenormand deck. I am in no way a veteran of the Lenormand oracle system so I still dabble with a few cards while casting a reading (I wouldn't dream of daring a Grand Tableau!) In light of the recent events that have happened in my life in regards to friends and Facebook, I thought I'd throw down three cards and see what came out of it. My question was "What was the underlying lesson I need to grasp?" I pulled out Tower, Anchor and Dog. I immediately read this as "Strong boundaries (Tower) will stabilize (Anchor) friendships (Dog)." The debacle I suffered on Facebook was due to the fact that I hadn't privatized my posts and let in all sorts of unknown, unproven individuals that ended up being false friends and users. Could it be more "in-your-face" with the answer!?


  1. That loyalty and love (Dog) starts at home - be good to yourself by keeping up your boundaries my friend. They don't have to be an impermeable wall that never lets anyone in, but they should offer protection if needed!

    1. Thanks soulsis. Learning healthy boundaries is a life-long battle for me, but it's starting to sink in. It's hard for me to recognize where I stand with someone else when I can't even define my emotions from theirs.


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