Saturday, July 11, 2015

Animal Shaman Vision cards

I was so elated yesterday when I saw my postie drop a small cardboard box in my mailbox... My Animal Shaman Vision oracle deck was here! Printer Studio are so quick with their printing and delivery! I requested a print-up of my deck on the 1st of July, and it's already here. The colours are excellent and I'm pleased with the card stock. My only qualm is the trimming, but I can't blame PS on that one; it was my bad!

When I redesigned the deck for a poker size card, I had to fiddle with the images and chose to add a white rim around the image to fill in the "bleed" area... Bad mistake! I simply should've extended the background colours beyond the printing limits. That way, it would ensure that however lined up the cards were in the cutting machine, there would be colour all the way through to the edge. Most of the cards are perfect, though; there are only a few that have a white edge. This is, of course, more apparent on cards that have a darker background. As this is only a deck for my personal use, I don't really care about the white edges, but if I go ahead and publish it, I will most definitely take the time to re-design them in a manner that avoids this white-edge effect. It was a good learning lesson for me as this will ensure than any of my future card projects won't suffer this same mistake.


  1. I had a hard time with the bleed line too in working with my photos for the lojong deck. I'm very happy you had them printed and hope you will consider selling them!

    1. I think I will, B. :) I just need to re-design the cards so I don't have that white line issue. Wouldn't want to short-change my patrons.


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