Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Take two, shall we!?

After testing out my geomancy sticks a few times, I discovered several flaws in my design. Firstly, the sticks were too square. On many occasions they fell on an unmarked side, deterring from an accurate reading. Also, the pine veneer on one of them is already lifting off due to being too thin and fragile. Nice looking, but overall, an impractical design. So back to my workshop I went and I revamped the whole oracle. Instead of long, awkward "square-ish" sticks with fragile inlays which cannot withstand the punishment of being tossed about, I created solid, stout, rounded flat tiles with simple hallowed dimples to indicate the polarity of the element. They consistently fall flat on one side or the other, there are no fragile parts that can pop out or crack, and best of all, they are quite small and fit easily in a little carrying pouch. Because I had no more walnut, I substituted it for some African blackwood... A good choice to represent the element of Earth as it is pure jet black. As for the element of Fire, I went with a piece of Cooktown ironwood instead of jarrah as I find it is a much deeper red colour.

1" x 1 1/16" - 24mm x 28mm
From top to bottom
New Guinea rosewood - AIR
Cooktown ironwood - FIRE
Amaranth - WATER
African blackwood - EARTH


  1. Oooo... now these are even more beautiful than the sticks to me! And sounds like they are much more practical. Good on you for plugging away until you found something that worked. :)

    1. Ya know, I prefer these over the sticks, B. I like their chunky feel... Solid and reliable. :)


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