Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Geomancy sticks

I felt like taking a break from painting, drawing and arts today, so instead, I made a quick little woodworking project... Geomantic sticks! Geomancy is an old divination system that was practice by the Romans, Greek and many other cultures in the past. It is akin to the I-Ching and other binary forms of divination. Because I'm too lazy to go through the long-winded process of counting the dots and reducing it down to the final figure, I made some sticks that can easily be tossed in the air to obtain one of the 16 divination figures. In a nutshell, each line (stick) represents an element (air, fire, water, earth). The polarity is either active or passive (one or two dots). I chose rosewood for air, jarrah for fire, amaranth for water and walnut for earth. The inlays for the dots is hoop pine. If you wanna learn more about traditional geomancy, the link below explains the basics quite well.



  1. These look great! I love how you used the different woods for the different elements. Did you stain them or just use linseed oil?

    1. Thanks soulsis! I sealed them with some Danish oil... It's a mixture of citrus, tung nut and linseed oil. Because I use the sticks by tossing them onto a surface, I needed a visual cue to let me know which stick is which, so I thought using different timbers was a neat way to do so. :)


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