Saturday, June 27, 2015

Animal Shaman Vision Oracle

After so many years of shuffling around my horrible, un-laminated cardboard home-printed version, I finally decided to get one done through Printer Studio. Not sure if I'll get this one published though.


  1. I have a classic! :D I'm happy to hear you're thinking about publishing it - I say go for it so others can enjoy this deck. So many people connect with animals when they don't connect with anything else.

    1. I'd love too, B... My issue is the whole copyright thingy. Many of the reference photos I used for the drawings were from the internet, and buggered if I know where I got them from (too long ago!) This was initially a deck I was going to make for myself and close friends so I didn't consider this at the time.

    2. Seriously though soulsis, they could have come from a million different photos. I can't imagine anyone looking at your drawing and laying claim to the photo used for it. What you did was just too different! I dare anyone to try and find a photo that looks like your drawing without coming up with dozens of possibilities!

    3. Thanks soulsis. :) I am very much considering it. I dunno how the deck will look though, so I'm waiting on my first copy from Printer Studio. Will be putting up some photos of it once I get it (either by the end of this week or beginning of next week).


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