Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chasing the dream

I've just started a new colour pencils drawing, and I think this time, I really did bite off more than I can chew. It's nearly A2 in size, and that means LOTS of coverage for the pencils. I might run out and have to buy some more. What was I thinking! I dunno... I guess the obsession of wanting to impress at the upcoming EKKA exhibition took a hold of me. The ego is a very bad adviser, I'm afraid. Right now, the drawing is in what's called "the ugly stage", and I can't stomach looking at it. Oh well! Whether I finish it in time is really sort of irrelevant as I already have other works I can enter in the competition, but I was hoping to make an impressive masterpiece for the occasion. Hmmmm... This reminds me of a cooking lesson my mum once taught me... "Never try out new recipes if you have guests coming over." I think this applies to the arts as well.


  1. Blame it on that slave-driving muse of yours! I bet she hounds you until you finish, even if you've only got pencil nubs left to work with. :)

    1. LOL! Yes, she does! :D Although, this time... I told her to take a hike. A2 is just WAY to big, so I conceded, and dropped down to A3. If I had plenty of time to finish this work and easy access to replacement Luminance pencils, I'd probably attempts the A2 stunt... It's just not feasible at this stage. :/


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