Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Goodbye ants!

After years of struggling with a household ant invasion, hubby came home the other day with the solution to our eternal battle. He recently did work for a man that use to have a total house infestation not that long ago. This guy told my husband how he got his problem under control (I say "under control" because the idea of eradicating is impossible... After all, this IS Australia, and bugs rule here!) The solution!?... Talon Ant Killer Gel by Selleys.  Neither one of us is fond of chemicals, but our problem was fast becoming a serious issue, and we didn't want to end up like that man... Literally living inside an ant nest! So, we decided to give it a go. A few days after applying the stuff, we noticed a significant reduction in ants and ant trails. Three days later, I applied a bit more of the stuff (always outside the house... I would never consider it indoors because of our two cats and a husband who has been known to react violently to "ant sand" and other ant poison.) Today, I did my rounds and lo and behold... The trails that were on one side of the house have all but disappeared. There is only one or two small trails of very few workers! I am finally getting this ant issue under control. Thank you Mr. Such and Such of Taringa (whoever you are!) You've made our life so much easier. :)

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