Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Viking Lenormand

I am an avid collector of tarot and oracle cards and had recently discovered the simple beauty and accuracy of the Lenormand system. This started off as a simple personal art project to help me connect with the different meanings from this oracle system. I've always loved anything Viking or Norse related, and so I chose a Viking theme as my working template. Many hours of research have gone into the historical reconstruction  and accuracy of the card images. Some had to be adapted to fit the Norse theme such as the Coffin and Garden, but all others remain as accurate as possible to the traditional meanings. After so much positive feedback and encouragement from family and friends, I decided to make my deck available to the broader public. If you wish to purchase on of these decks, click on the BUY button below. Thank you in advance for you patronage!

36 bridge-size cards and protective clear plastic box
Only $10.79 plus shipping and handling


  1. Holy Toledo, you're only selling these for $10.79 plus shipping?! Folks ought to start snapping them up at that price!

  2. Just gave you a shout out on Aeclectic in the Lenormand section. :) Just a suggestion: people might not click the buy button without knowing cost or where that button might take them.

    1. Thanks for the PR and feedback, soulsis. I've amended my add and included the price. :)


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