Friday, January 23, 2015

We've returned!

What a wonderful adventure this was! We were spoiled for weather, right up to the last two days. We had to drive home in the rain and leave the poor camper unopened in the yard (no point, it would get soaked). Apparently, Brisbane has been getting rain on and off the whole time we were away, and they had extreme heat and humidity. Glad we dodged all of that!

I got to take lots of photos of wildlife and birds, so have plenty of reference material for my upcoming artwork. It's funny how it was always on the last day of us staying somewhere that the birds would come out and show off for me, just as I had almost given up.

Please excuse me... Now that the party is over, it's back to the grind and doldrums of everyday life in the city. I have a house that needs to be "reclaimed", loads of laundry to do, and a camper that needs a good scrub before it gets packed away for the next adventure.

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