Friday, January 30, 2015

We're downsizing

Part of my new year's resolution was to simplify my life in all its aspects, and so I have started down the road to minimizing. My first port of call is my ginormous library that seems to be breeding like lemmings. I'm an avid book reader and always will be, so books will not be written (pun intended) out of my life, but I will be quite picky as to what I chose to purchase as a hard copy (a physical, tangible book). In this era of technology, it's easy to carry a full library of e-books on a tiny device such as a Kindle, iPad or Windows tablet, and this is what I intend to do. But first, I will have to sort all my books into two piles; those I keep and those I will scan and sell/give away. It's a massive undertaking and it should take me months to do so but I believe it's the first big step towards a life less burdened by material possessions. The goal is to live simply, with very few things. This will make our future nomadic retired life easier.

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