Friday, January 02, 2015

Little stowaway

Someone wants to tag along with us on our upcoming camper trip. That sad little look in her eyes says it all. As much as I love (need) to travel and return to nature, I hate leaving my babies behind. Dogs travel well, cats don't... They're much more territorial and abhor change. We have a house/pet sitter staying in our home while we're away. It's peace of mind for both us and our furry babies.

For those who'd like to tag along with us on our road trip, check out the new Track My Tour map in the left hand side column. It's called A Gypsy New Year 2015. Track My Tour is a great online service that allows you to post photos with GPS coordinate, which are then plotted unto a map so people can track your movements along the way.

Mum... Can I come too? Please?


  1. You guys packed and ready to roll? Just don't look at that little sad face in the box... :)

    1. It's heartbreaking, soulsis... Have a look at the pic I just uploaded. :(


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