Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In agony

If y'all are wondering why I've gone quiet, that's because I'm battling a kidney infection. It started with an innocent UTI and now, it's turn into a nightmare. I've been given antibiotics but also told to arrange for an ultrasound as there is a great possibility that I might have kidney stones as well. The pain I'm in currently... I wouldn't wish on anyone.


  1. CK has had kidney infections her whole life until they did surgery to fix the cause. I'm sure she could relate to the pain you're in. :( The antibiotics are the ONLY help for them, so keep taking them as directed! Hope you feel better soon. (((C)))

    1. Thanks, soulsis. I am feeling a teensy bit better today. As much as I abhor antibiotics, trust me... I am staying the course with this infection! I think I passed some crystals yesterday (I'll spare you the details). I hope giving birth to small boulders is nearly over... I don't think I can handle much more of this.


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