Thursday, December 18, 2014

A bit abstract

This is not my usual artistic style or technique but nevertheless, it was a fun and interesting project and I wouldn't mind doing a few more of those. I've always been fascinated (read "obsessed") with space, even though I knew I never could've cut it as an astronaut. This painting (by all means) is not any attempt at representing the beauty of space, but it was highly inspired and influenced by it. While painting it, the name Mateo kept sticking in my head, and then the number 326 (don't ask!) So I entitled it "Mateo 326". Strangely enough... My husband (who isn't a fan of abstract) kinda likes it too, but then again... He's also a space cowboy. :)


  1. A beautiful painting! Enigmatic title. I immediately thought of Matthew, 3:..., but there is no verse 26. Chapter ends at 16, I think, with heavens opening and could use ten more verses.

    1. Thanks Geo! I have no clue why the name Mateo kept bouncing around in my head. I Googled it this morning... It's a common Spanish name and it means "God's Gift". :) Lovely!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks soulsis! I sure did. Check your mailbox. ;)


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