Monday, November 10, 2014

Sick and despondent

Ever have those moments where the days roll by, one after the other, and it all seems rather redundant and pointless? I am currently wearing these colours... Grey and flat. I know it is only a phase and it will pass. I should mention that on top of this listless mood, I am also being oppressed by some sort of viral infection which makes me tired, unfocused, sore and lethargic. I jokingly refer to it as the Z virus as it makes one feel like a zombie. There are millions of thing to do before Christmas, but I have not the desire nor energy to do them. Hopefully, this double dilemma will be short lived. I shall lay low until this passes. Please forgive my absence while I recover from this quandary.


  1. Rest and give your body and mind a little TLC. Don't let your mind convince you that things won't get better. It might take some time, but this will pass! (((C)))

    1. Thanks soulsis. I did take a breather today, and I just enjoyed doing stuff that makes me happy. It did a world of wonder for my moral. :) Now, if I could just kick this lurgy to the curb, I'd be back on top of things.

    2. Give yourself the time you need - you're worth it! :)


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