Thursday, November 27, 2014

Meanwhile, back in Australia...

We just coped the flogging of our lives! Lucky all that got broken was a couple of louvres in the toilet. Our camper wasn't undercover. We don't know if there are any serious damage to it as it was too late to go out and check. I can currently hear the hot water system working outside and the top fan sound terrible. I think maybe one of the fan's paddle is broken or has something stuck to it. Will have to check it out tomorrow morning. :(



  1. Holy cow! Those are some serious chunks of hail. Did y'all have a super cell thunderstorm roll through? I feel for the guy on the bike in the video - he's going to have some bruises (if not a concussion) tomorrow. Do check for roof damage - hail is what caused us to have to put on a new roof. Glad you weren't out in the middle of it taking a walk!

    1. I was worried about the roof, but D reckons it should be fine (our tiles are made of concrete... Solid as anything.) But the poor camper!! :'( OMG!! It's now all dimply! The saddest part is that we WERE in the process of extending D's carport to accommodate the camper. We knew storm season was coming and we had to make provision for it, pronto! He had installed the roller door just last weekend. Things is, in order to work in the area, he had to push the camper out into the backyard. He couldn't come home fast enough for us to move it to safety, and so it got pummelled. Watching those ice bullets come down on the poor camper, knowing there's nothing we could do at that stage... I felt so helpless and frustrated at the same time.


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