Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quick moves

The painting of Brosie I just recently finished now needs to be sealed with a coat of clear polymer sealer, and I am always worried when it comes to this last step. Sealers are tricky, especially the acrylic ones. They dry extremely quickly and are so thick and viscous that they have to be slightly diluted to apply smoothly (operative word being "slightly".) If they are too diluted, they turn cloudy and can mess up the painting... But if used to thick, they are a pain to apply. Once you start laying the stuff down, you have to hurry up as it dries extremely fast, and you can't go back on top of a previously laid down coat as it slowly dries or you'll create streak marks and rip it up as you go along. As I said... It's tricky and you need to work fast! I consulted my Viking Lenormand and asked the following question.
"What is the best approach to adopt when sealing the painting to ensure success?"
I did a short three card cast and this is what I got.

Rider - Stork - Anchor
"A speedy delivery of movement will bring safety."
The Rider isn't solely about news and messages, but any quick exchanges between one thing and another. It brings the quality of "speedy delivery" to any of the surrounding cards, in this case, another card of change and movement; the Stork. Storks are migratory birds and go through extreme measures when undertaking their annual trip. These aren't small transitory journeys but great big changes. Stork can represent any important changes or alterations, like moving to another town or country, changing profession, etc... The Anchor is quite the opposite to Stork! It represents stability, security and safety. I was initially confused by the combo Stork-Anchor, but it immediately became clearer... The rapid change will bring about a sense of security and safety. Anchor can also mean success and reaching a goal, in the same manner that boats use to cast down the anchor once they had reached their destination and safe harbours.
So I read this as a delivery of quick, rapid but broad movements will ensure that the sealer is applied properly and success is achieved. I have to work quickly, I have to make long, broad brush strokes, and even perhaps do it long ways (height) as opposed to short ways (width).


  1. I would have thought your question would have been a hard one to answer with a card reading, but it looks like your deck answered it pretty directly - do it quick and your new painting will have a sturdy, protective coat to keep it secure for a long while. :) Well done!

    1. I did exactly as I mentioned... Quick brush strokes, long ways, and it came out excellent! Whew! I'm so relieved it's all finished. :)


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