Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fossil finds

Here are some of the fossils hubby and I found while fossicking around in Richmond.

These are small bivalve clams, either Inoceramus or Aucellina... Hard to tell which is which.
The big one on the bottom left looks more like an Inoceramus. The others look more like Aucellina.
These are scales from a type of armoured fish called Richmondichthys.


  1. Wow, those rocks are packed full of shells! So do they think that area was once under water?

    1. Apparently, the central part of Oz was a great inland sea, and it eventually drained away due to volcanic activity. Richmond was underwater, whereas Winton was more at the waters edge, so you get lots more dinosaur bones there.

  2. Truly wonderful finds. My congratulations!


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