Monday, September 29, 2014

Outback - Part two

It's finished! :)


  1. Another great video, and my thoughts as I watched it:
    ~ Cool dino museum!
    ~ Did you ever find a shell fossil?
    ~ What a lovely oasis at Porcupine Gorge.
    ~ Here in the States, corrugated roads = washboard roads. We have lots of them in rural areas!
    ~ Just how fast can emus run?
    ~ Dinner Falls is beautiful.
    ~ Great shots of the eagle and platypus!
    ~ Looking at the outfits in the historical village, I can't believe people would wear such formal dress in Australia!
    ~ I know you drive on the left side of the road there, but it still freaks me out watching the video, lol.

    1. We did find a few shells, and D found some fish scales! Will put some photos up once I clean them all out.
      Not sure about emus... These ones didn't appear to be going really fast, but then again, that's comparing them to the big red that challenged us! LOL!
      D thought the same as you... "How the hell did they keep those frocks clean with all that red bull-dust?"


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