Friday, September 26, 2014

Outback - Part one

Here's a movie / slideshow of our outback trip. This is part one... Stay tune for part two! ;)


  1. My stream of thoughts:
    - the beach at Hervey Bay looks so clean and pristine!
    - bet that hot coffee tasted good that morning on Calliope River.
    - beautiful overlook at Horseshoe.
    - what a cute joey with its mom!
    - lovely red sunset and full moon (very romantic)
    - why aren't all the dinosaur people wearing ear protection?!!!
    - I think that red kangaroo was challenging you to a race. :)

    1. LOL! You know... I thought along similar lines, but never gave a thought about the dino workers. And you ARE right! Why the hell aren't they wearing ear muffs? It's kind of surprising because Oz is so pedantic with their "health and safety" regulations. I guess folks in the outback are just a bit more laidback... with everything, that is. ;)


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