Thursday, September 25, 2014

Birds of the Outback

We finally got back home Tuesday, just around 3:30pm. We managed to get the camper in the backyard and left it open to dry out. It was just saturated from the downpour it got on our last night.

Since then, I've been cleaning and doing laundry galore, and for some reason, the pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger! LOL! But I did manage to make a little birdy slideshow yesterday in between loads. We still have lots to do to get back to "normal"... Whatever that is!


  1. Lovely, especially with the sound clips! My favorites were the kite and the bee eater. :)

    1. Thanks soulsis! The bee-eater photo was a one in a million shot. The little fella had just caught a dragonfly and landed straight in front of me, on an open branch... You can't get any better than this! I got a few extra shots where he was bashing the poor thing against the branch. He gulped it down in no time flat.


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