Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to normal (wazzat?)

We're almost finished with all the cleaning and packing away to claim back some form of normality. I managed to clean out the camper inside on Friday, and yesterday, D washed the outside. He also removed the silly labels that covered it. The world has become so regulated. I mean, come on! Some of these are downright stupid. They take us for children or morons. And those pale in comparison to the "fire escape measures" that's inside one of the cupboard door (yes... I kid not!) Locate fire exit? Err... It's a camper! It has ONE door!

As for the two munchkins, they're back to normal, alright! :)

"I'm sorry... Were you gonna wash this sleeping bag?"
"Da hell do you mean, it's a ukulele bag?"


  1. The "Warnings" reminded me of the label McDonald's was putting on their cups of coffee: "Caution, coffee is hot." Well no kidding. But they had to do it because of some woman who dumped hers in her lap and claimed she was scalded by it and sued. All those labels are to protect the companies from the ignorant (and they are legion). :)
    Your cats crack me up. Mine seem to say, "Is this an inconvenience for you? Oh, good."

    1. Definitely! Those labels are more intended to protect the companies rather than the consumers. I think We're breeding a population of people who have no more common sense and who are reliant upon rules and regulations.


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