Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Viking Lenormand is finished!!

Hark! Is that a plump opera diva with a silly horned Viking helmet I hear signing? Yes... Brunhild has sung! 'Tis finally over.


  1. Lovely! Now I need a video on how to make a card deck - paper used, how to get the back glued on, etc. :D With 59 cards, mine would probably be brick-sized, lol. Right now I'm just using a laminating machine over photos to make them sturdier and give them some protection.
    I hope you'll post some readings with your Lenormand on your trip!

    1. Thanks soulsis! I'll try to record a clip on how I make my cards for ya. As a matter of fact... I'm gonna have to reprint my deck. :( The glue I used for this one wasn't very good and they're coming apart at the seams (kinda like me at the mo'.) I didn't laminate them either... May have also been a contributing factor to their demise.

    2. Well I would appreciate the "how to" but I'm bummed you're going to have to redo your deck. Hope you and the clan are well. (((C)))


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