Friday, August 29, 2014

Our new camper!

We've finally got our camper home yesterday! D and I have been running around like crazy, trying to get everything done in time before leaving. There is very little time left... We head off to Carnavon Gorge on Tuesday. If you look in the left hand side column of my blog, you'll notice a link entitled "Track My Tour." This site will allow you to follow us on our journey and see photos of waypoints I have taken along the way. Here now is a short clip I did so y'all can see what our camper-trailer looks like.


  1. Your little home on wheels looks awesome! And solar panels too! I know y'all must be getting antsy to get on the road. Looking forward to tracking y'all's adventure. :) Did you get to meet the cat sitter?

    1. Thanks soulsis! We are both extremely exhausted but also VERY impatient to get going. Nils (the pet-sitter) is coming over tomorrow. I sure hope there'll chemistry between him and the girls. :)


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