Monday, August 11, 2014

Anchor, Cross and back design

It's OVER!!! Finished! Kaput! Done! I've managed to get all 36 cards (plus the design of the back) done and dusted. Now... I just have to print the durn things and make a deck. Egad! More work. *SIGH*

The Anchor card represents stability and security, establishing a base, targets, achievements, persistence, permanence, and good conditions.

The Cross symbolises pain, sadness, grief, suffering, crisis, fate, burden, and sacrifice. NOTE: The image is based on the "Wolf Cross", the name given to an amulet discovered in Iceland, estimated to be around 1,000 years old and which might be Pagan, Christian, or possibly a mixture of the two. Even though it appears as a cross, it really is Thor's hammer in disguise. It was worn inverted, like St. Peter's Cross. I flipped it right side up so it's more cross-like.

This is the design I made for the back of the cards. The symbol is called a Vegvisir or "runic compass"... A magical device used to aid in navigation. Since this is a divination oracle that offers guidance, I thought it was quite appropriate.


  1. Fantastic! The navigation symbol is perfect for the back, and I really like the twist you used on the Cross card. Now you just have to be patient a little longer while you print them out. :)

  2. Forgot to say I'm totally impressed by the realistic wood grain on that cross!

    1. Thanks soulsis! :) It was a long time coming, that bloody project! And only 36 cards... Ain't no way I'm ever doing a tarot deck with twice the amount. LOL!


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