Friday, July 25, 2014

Ring card

No stopping me now... I'm on a roll! Gotta finish this deck before our big upcoming camper-trailer trip. The Ring card represents commitments, contracts, marriage, union, bonds, promises, and obligations.
NOTE: This drawing looks deceptively simple, but boy, was it murder to execute! Rendering polished metal isn't easy... If the colours don't line up parallel, it looks like shit!


  1. I was wondering how/why you were churning them out so quickly; I was thinking it must have warmed up enough to let you hands thaw out. :) Of course getting ready for the trip makes perfect sense, as I suppose the only artistic tool you'll take with you camping will be your camera. The Ring looks great, and I do appreciate the "shiny parts"!

    1. Well actually... It has warmed up a tad! LOL! ;D


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