Monday, July 28, 2014

Book and Letter cards

The Book card speaks of knowledge, studies, information, secrets, education, experience, and the unknown. NOTE: The book is modelled after the Codex Runicus. Even though this book was conceived long after the Viking era, it is one of the very few books that were written in runes, so I thought it fitted in well.

The Letter card represents any written communications, such as documents, correspondence, exams, mail, results, newspapers, and certificates.
NOTE: Granted... Vikings weren't a very literate bunch, but a few did go on settling in England and became educated thegn... One of which being Godwin. The wax impression is of his seal.


  1. Wow, only ten more cards to go - you are really making progress! Love the wax seal on the letter and using the Codex was brilliant. I wonder if the printing of the rubrics in red were where the modern-day printers got the idea of printing the NT portion of the bible that way.

    1. Thanks B! These drawings were simple to doodle, but I really had to dig deep to find something historically symbolic to represent them. The red in the Codex apparently separates chapters... Maybe it indeed inspire the bibles NT. As for Godwin's seal, it is the oldest known Anglo-Saxon one in existence... Technically speaking, he wasn't a Viking, but was descendant from Scandinavian stock himself. This is very interesting reading about House Godwin.


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