Saturday, June 21, 2014

These boots are made for hiking...

Hubby and I dropped into the Anaconda store the other day and bought ourselves some new hiking boots. They're awesome; sturdy, light, waterproof, and they prevent my ankle from rolling, something that happens to me quite often when I go rock hoping.

Of course... Someone had to "bomb" the photo!!!


  1. Heehee - a "butt bomb" - so like a cat! Those boots sound and look awesome. I have some lightweight leather ones I got from Tractor Supply (not waterproof though); the ankle support is a real plus, no matter what terrain I'm walking in.

    1. I just tested them out this weekend... They are amazing! I feel like my feet are super-protected and the ankle is locked in place. No more rolling the foot while trudging up a mountain.
      As for Boofy... The little shocker just ran into the field of view, just as D snapped up the pic! LOL! :D


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