Friday, June 13, 2014

Doug Steven Park

Had a lovely day out with a friend this morning. She showed me the creek/park near her place. We took her dogs out for a run. I managed to snap up some lovely pics of the local avian fauna.

A group of Australian black ducks
Close-up of a black duck
A white-eyed duck
Another close-up of a black duck
A non-native of Australia, this is a muscovy duck
A clutch of dusky moorhens
I see you!
Where's our bread, lady? We forgot to bring treats for the locals
My what a green fuzzy back you have, Mr. Turtle!
Cobwebs in the sun
The muscovy duck doing his impression of Jesus, walking on water
A lovely wetland haven
This is a double-barred finch, also known as an owl finch or bicheno
Inquisitive little fella!
Macro of a lovely (unknown) flower
What the heck are these weird papyrus-like weeds?
This nasty tick was crawling on one of Linda's dogs... Good thing she spotted it


  1. Great photos! The sedge is actually a papyrus - see here:
    Sedge generally has a triangular stem in cross section.
    I love muscovy ducks. Many of the local ones here were killed in the hard winter we had last year. When they become familiar with you, they'll "wag" their tails in greeting like a dog. :) They don't quack, but make little huffing noises. They also have some prominent claws on their webbed feet to help perch on branches. The walking on water one cracked me up!

    1. Thanks soulsis! :) Yup! It most definitely had a triangular stem... It's gotta be papyrus! I thought it reminded me of those fan-like plants that are in hieroglyphic Egyptian drawings. That big muscovy boy was friendly with us, but a total bully to the locals. Russian Mafia boss, I guess! LOL! ;)


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