Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Two in a go

I managed to finish two cards yesterday: the Scythe and the Whip. Initially, for the Scythe, I was going to use a historical references from some archaeological finds, but the tool looked too much like a sickle for my liking. I opted to go for the larger, more traditional two-handed scythe. Prior to the medieval days, scythes were small one-handed tools, much like a sickle but with a straighter blade. I did get inspired by the photos and managed a bit of fancy modifications to my scythe, such as the tang of the blade being inserted straight into the snath and fixed in place with metal rivets, instead of an external ring. As for the Whip, I opted for the traditional Scandinavian "birching" whip. I racked my brains out, trying to come up with backgrounds for these two, but after many fruitless attempts, I decided "plain Jane" was the best flavour.

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