Friday, May 09, 2014

Taking a breather

I've recently taken up a night-class on digital photography. No grading or certificate... It's only a short 4 weeks course offered through the Stafford Heights school and is hosted on Wednesday nights. My first class was this week, and I decided to apply some of the stuff I learnt that day.

There are three main things to remember when taking photos: the shutter speed, the aperture and the ISO. The shutter speed is what dictates if a moving subject will be crystal clear or blurred, for example, a waterfall. Do you want to freeze the water, or give it a diaphanous look? The thing is, when you increase the shutter speed, the camera has to work harder and thus, it demands more light. The aperture is what controls the depth-of-field; how much of the area you want in focus, for example, a photo portrait. Do you want the subject clear and blur out the background or capture everything in focus? Here again, the more you pinpoint the focal area, the more it imposes demands on the camera, requiring more light! Then there's the ISO, which controls how much information (read, light) is captured on the lens' sensor. So if you're going to take a photo of a waterfall in the shade, try to freeze-frame the water, and wish to blur out the surrounding area, you're going to have to pull a white rabbit out of your hat! You're going to need a VERY high ISO, and the issue with this is that it causes graininess in the photos. Can you tell I was listening in class!? LOL! :D So here are a few photos I took this morning.

Never take photos of a subject who's half in light and half in shadows.
Mind you, simply taking a photo of Angel is a feat in itself!
This is a young butcherbird. Notice how it's in focus and the background is blurred?
Smaller focal point.
Nice contrast of colours! High speed shutter allowed me to snap up a clear pic of these lightning-fast ants.
I managed to freeze-frame this ant superhighway. Notice the graininess?
That's because they were in the shade so I had to increase the ISO.
This fella jumped off the leaf right after I took the photo. Suicide?
This young magpie was fully in the shade.
I manage to get a clear photo, even thought he was walking fast
Mia, looking as photogenic as ever, with her far-gazing look.
This was taken in low light indoors and without a flash.
Pretty good, even though it's grainy due to the high ISO.
The fruits on our golden-rain tree. The background is blurred and the focus in on the forward branch.
Nothing impressive, unless you consider the fact that it was bloody windy as ever,
and I managed to get a clear shot!


  1. Wow, that was a lot of information for one night's session! I can just imagine some of the magnificent photos you'll be taking after this class. :)


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