Saturday, May 03, 2014

I've just hit an impasse!

I'm currently drawing the Snake card, but I always do the research and preparation for the subsequent card... In this case, the Coffin. Well... Here's the hitch... Vikings didn't use any coffins in their burials; thralls were dumped in a hole in the ground, whereas carls, jarls and earls were either buried in a boat or it was set alight and pushed out to sea. I don't really want to use a boat (again) to represent the coffin... It will get too confusing. I thought about using a memorial runestone like the Stenkvista or a hogback tombstone like the one at Dalserf in Scotland. I'd really appreciate any feedback. ;) I'm going to hit a similar snag when I get to the Book and Letter cards... Vikings weren't know for literature. Even though they did have the runes, these were used for magical purposes and to indicate ownership. Their history was passed on orally.

This drawing is slowly melting my eyeballs!


  1. I definitely like the hogback for the coffin; the other, with its runic features make it seem more like the letter. Maybe beside the hogback you can place some sort of personal memento of the person who died. The letter... the only thing I could come up with was a runic stone, unless they also made small stacks of stones like some groups as messages or markers. Snake looks AWESOME so far!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, soulsis. I'm also leaning towards the hogback for the Coffin... Mind you, the runestone is more "upright" and better suited for a vertical card. The hogback will have to be warped from 2/3 to be big enough to be seen. Sideways isn't very good (too small).


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