Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Coffin card

There you have it, folks... I opted to go with a hogback tombstone as the design for the Coffin card. I think it suits it better than the runestone as it almost looks like a coffin itself. You wouldn't believe how much research I did online to figure out a solution for this one! I think I can now officially write a book on pagan funeral rites of Vikings and Norsemen! LOL! The hogback stone was commonly used in Scotland and Northern England when the Vikings first started to migrate there. When a Viking of high status died abroad, a tombstone was placed at their burial site to commemorate their passing. The shape of the stone is reminiscent of the Viking Longhouses and/or inverted boat.


  1. Looks good my friend! And it does resemble a boat quite a bit, which makes a lot of sense for the Norse. I appreciate all of your research because I learn too when you share it. :D

  2. You're welcome, my friend, and thank you for the kind compliment. :) I'm relieved I could pull this one off. Next pitfalls... The Book and Letter. LOL!


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