Thursday, May 08, 2014

Bouquet card

Here's the Flower or Bouquet card. It represents a gift, a gesture of recognition or admiration, love and beauty. The court card is the Queen of Spade, the beautiful and eternal virgin. On a side note, some of you might notice that the previous cards posted have been updated with a new parchemin-like background (thanks for the advice, soulsis!) and a more prominent watermark (I was doing it "wrong" in Photoshop and the watermark was rather ineffective.)

Kind of appropriate for the upcoming Mother's Day! :)


  1. Now there's a bouquet I would love, one of wildflowers! I love the aged look of the new backgrounds; it seems to fit with the theme of something from times of old.That queen looks like she could kick some serious butt if needed. :D

  2. Thanks B! :) Yup! They're wildflowers. I didn't wanna use "cultivated" ones... It wouldn't have fitted in with the whole Norse theme. In cartomancy, the Queen of Spade is like the Athena Pallas of Greek mythology... The gorgeous and strong maiden who won't bend to any male influence.


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