Monday, April 28, 2014


Ever had one of those moments where you wish you had taken a photo because you know nobody would believe you unless you had tangible proof? Well, yesterday was one of those days for me. I have no pictures to back up the claim I'm about to make, but my husband can vouch for me as he was there to witness this serendipitous moment with me.

After lunch, hubby and I decided to go down to our favourite spot for a decent afternoon walk. When we had hoped back into the car and were heading out of the car park, my husband pointed out to me that all the horses and their owners who were out on the beach for an arvo ride had returned to their floats and were packing up to head home themselves. He pointed out one particular horse... I did a double and triple take... It couldn't be! It was... A Norwegian Fjord horse!! I was so elated, I was babbling like an infant, bouncing up and down on my seat and saying things like "if this isn't a sign and a confirmation from the universe, I don't know what is". My husband, of course, thought I was completely off my rockers and couldn't make any sense of what I was saying, until I told him that this was the very same breed of horse I had recently drawn on my Rider card. What is even more amazing than the fact that I got to spot one of these gorgeous equines at a very critical junction in my deck creation is the fact that this ISN'T Norway, this is Australia, and there are only 60 registered Fjordpferd in Oz. My chances of coming across one of these, at Nudgee Beach, on that day, at that time is akin to being hit by lightning... And boy! That's what it felt like. :)


  1. What a beauty of a horse - and very synchronistic indeed!

  2. I couldn't believe it! It's just soooooo weird!! LOL! :D


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