Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lenormand oracle deck

Feeling a bit disillusioned by the whole art scene, I decided to be a bit selfish and focus on a personal pet-project I've been wanting to do for a while; a Norse/Viking themed Lenormand oracle deck. It's a tall order... 36 cards, all done with Prismacolor pencils! I initially wanted to fully do it in Photoshop but opted for pencils at the last minute (to give them a go, so to speak). I still use Photoshop to sketch out the rough draft, but then transfer it to paper and render the main subject in pencil. I then scan it back to the computer, add the text, frame and pips, as well as other miscellaneous titbits to the artwork. Here's the first card, entitled the Rider; it represents, news heading your way, quick movement, rapid changes, etc... The man's crew cut is based on the character Bjorn Lothbrook from the t.v. series "Vikings". It is historically accurate (many Norsemen did trim their hair this way). As for the horse, it is a Norwegian Fjordpferd.

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