Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Time to be creative

Since forgoing the art diploma course, I now suddenly find myself with lots of time on my hands... Time to buckle down, self-motivate and be creative. Luckily, I have a new toy to inspire me... My new Raynox macro converting lens. I've been enjoying exploring the microcosm, seeing how the world looks from a bugs eye. Some of the shots are very abstract looking and I'm getting plenty ideas for paintings and drawings. Except for the cicada (which was taken with my regular lens), all the pics below were taken with the Raynox converting lens. These bugs are mere millimetres in size!

Small common black ants.
Nymph of the goldenrain tree beetle (we're talking 2mm in size!)
Black tree-ticker cicada
Some sort of jumping spider (Salticidae spp.)
Another pic of the same spider
I reckon this is a younger model of the same type of spider.

Can you guess what these are?


  1. Nice! I particularly like the ones of the jumping spider (notoriously hard for getting a good picture of!) For your "mystery" photos I'd have to guess a feather, gills of a mushroom, a leaf, and various stones.

  2. Pretty good, soulsis! 3 out of 5... It's not a leaf but a dessicated rose petal, and the shiny iridescent one isn't a stone but paua shell. You got all the other ones right: feather, mushroom spores, clear quartz and some sort of metamorphic rock I picked up on the beach. I thought it looked like "gneiss schist" <--- Bad geological pun.


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