Sunday, February 02, 2014

It's over...

The fat lady has sung. Thanks to our new government shutting down Ithaca through their financial shenanigans, they killed my dream of getting my diploma of art. After unbelievable stress on Thursday and BAD panic-attacks on Friday morning, I decided to cancel my enrolment at SBIT. I simply... Cannot... Do it!! I cannot deal with the transport nor the chaotic energy that permeates the campus and classes. At the expense of loosing my sanity due to excess stress and slowly destroying my liver every night from drinking to forget the woes of the day, I... Cannot... Do this!!! This is NOT what I wanted but what I was forced to do. So, to hell with Southbank and the art diploma! My health and sanity are far more important than getting a damn piece of paper. Rant over.

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