Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Doing my own thing

With the stress of performance and homework out of the way, I now find myself with lots of time on my hands to create what I like, and this doesn't involve styrofoam carving! I am currently working on an A3 size portrait of a collared-kingfisher. It's based on a photo I took at Nudgee Beach during the Christmas break. It's a combination of gouache and coloured pencils. I'm hoping to enter it in the Moreton Bay competitions. Final entry date for the submissions is 28th of February so I have to ramp it up. Here's the progress so far. Still have a bit to do until I'm satisfied with it.


  1. Beautiful! Very nice detail on the bird and tree bark. Good luck with your entry!

  2. Thanks soulsis! I've yet to finish it off. I had some real bad computer issues for a few days and had to back-up everything and lobotomise my whole computer due to hardware failure. Not fun! I hate added stress on top of deadlines. Computer is nearly all back to normal, so it's back to work on the birdy this weekend. :)


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