Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nearly a month!

It's been nearly a month since I posted anything to my blog. My life has gotten really chaotic yet interesting; chaotic because I am now enrolled to finish my visual art diploma at SBIT, and interesting because it's a whole new adventure for me. I went to the orientation day at SBIT yesterday... It was very full on! The campus is ginormous! I'll try to remember to do a little film clip of the area (if they allow me to do so, of course.) The one thing that left me and all my Brackenridge companion "gapping" with our jaws wide open is the fact that a couple of our Brackenridge / Ithaca teachers have followed us at SBIT!! Guess which two!?! Yup... The two that I found most annoying and that gave me the most grief! How happy I am... NOT! On the cheerier side, I am awaiting a bunch of thing in the mail, so I've been hounding my postie incessantly. He's beginning to fear me. LOL! I just hope it all gets here before I officially start (30th of January). So for the next 18 weeks or so, I'll be up to my eyeballs with commuting back and forth to school and hyperfocusing on my artwork. The upside is that I'll also have lots of  stuff to talk about and post up on my blog! Stay tuned! :)

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