Sunday, December 08, 2013

Moving back in

So it is finally done and dusted... I have moved back into my art studio. Nice, bright and right now, very stinky! It'll take a while before the stench of paint dissipates. It almost has an ammonia smell to it. I sometimes wonder if it's the paint or if one of my girls had an accident!

Other interesting things that has happened last week... I bought myself a new ukulele to keep me company during the difficult, lonely holiday season. The sound of the uke reminds me of Hawaii, happiness, joy, fun in the sun and conviviality... It simply cheers me up. I already had one that I bought at Coffs Harbour, ages ago, but it wasn't a real ukelele... More of a plasticky tourist toy with nylon strings and impossibly difficult to play due to the size (it's a soprano uke). I needed something that was "real" and slightly bigger for my hands as I use to play the guitar, many years ago. So I opted for a tenor ukulele. It sounds absolutely amazing, and it's a pleasure to play! :) I'll record a little song some time this week. The poor fingertips on my left hand have started to go numb from all the playing. LOL! It's alright... After a while, the pain subsides and the skin becomes thick as leather. It's just an adaptive process.


  1. Looking forward to hearing some tunes! Do you know of IZ from Hawaii? I hated the "Over the Rainbow" song until I heard him play it.

  2. I sure do! Loooove his rendition of "over the rainbow / what a wonderful world". Been trying to learn it. The chords are easy... It's the strumming pattern that's hard. :)


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