Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Game over!

I can't even describe how I am feeling, right now: angry, frustrated, discouraged, or relieved? To sum it up quickly, finishing my art diploma at the Ithaca campus is a no-go... THERE IS NO MORE ITHACA!! The campus is now officially closed. No more art courses, no more nothing. Now, if I want to finish my diploma, I will have to put up with carrying all my art material by public transport, all the way to Southbank which is down in the city. Driving there is NOT an option as traffic is near impossible and the cost of parking on campus and downtown is astronomical. Four days a week of this, you say? I think NOT! Never mind the health of my hands and fingers... I think my sanity will crack before I'm even finished with the course. My finger and hands have been giving me serious pause for thoughts and I didn't know if I would even be able to continue with the diploma next year... I asked the universe to give me a sign... I got it! Thanks... I guess! :(

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