Saturday, December 21, 2013


Went birdwatching at Nudgee Beach today and took some photos of the local avian fauna.

Black-winged stilt
Brush-turkey. This is a male due to his colourful wattle.
Cattle egret in full breeding plumage. Sorry about the blurriness... I caught him on the fly (pun intended!)
Mangrove fantail. This is a juvenile. The back turns grey as they mature.
Torresian crow. Yes, they have bluish white eyes!
Our local family of magpies that have adopted our backyard. That's momma on the left and junior on the right.


  1. You take such great close-up shots of birds, soulsis. My photos are mostly like, "See that little speck in the sky? That's a belted kingfisher." :D
    I didn't know y'all had turkeys in Oz. I think ours in the states would be jealous of that colorful wattle!

  2. That's because I have a bigger optical zoom on my camera, soulsis. But they come much MUCH bigger than what I've got. This LINK has fantastic info on birding and photography. Check out the size of the mega-zoom lens he uses with his camera. Mine's nowhere near that size! LOL! :)

    And HERE is a bit more info on our colourful brush-turkeys. :)

  3. Good grief, the camera looks like a tiny added attachment to that lens! A man who was unsure of himself must have come up with that invention... :)

  4. LOL! Some of them are so heavy you need a tripod to hold them steady while you shoot. :)


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